Group Coaching

The CAD-Group coaching offers 6-Weeks of faith-based solutions to multiple individuals in a weekly group setting. Members attend weekly sessions to reach transformative outcomes in their faith+work integration journey.


This package provides intensive online weekly sessions with a group of clients for six weeks and includes:

  • Transformational Group Coaching & Mentorship

  • CAD-Membership Standard Program (w/6-Month FREE access)

    • Private Facebook Group community

    • Ongoing support and encouragement to help members remain faith-focused

    • Post discussions on various sub-topics (all centered around: How To Incorporate Our Faith with Work)

  • On-Demand Topics w/Live Q&A

  • Master Classes + Live Q&A

  • Team building

  • Accountability Check-Ins

  • Networking

  • 10% Discount off CAD-Workshops

  • 10% Discount off retreats

  • 10% Discount off 1-Year CAD-Membership (after Free 6 months)

Only $600 and... weekly installments are available!

  • Installments at $100​/Week

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