Christ-Aimed Development

Welcome Pros!

CADRE Solutions' CAD coaching offers Christ-Aimed Development for all professionals! CAD services are all centered around biblical principles and include coaching to help implement these practices to integrate faith with work.  These services include:

  1. CAD-Membership Program

  2. CAD-Retreats

  3. CAD-Group Coaching

First Time Membership

A faith-based membership for all professionals to provide self-paced guidance, tools, resources and support on learning HOW to integrate faith with work.

Sitting on a Bench

CAD-Retreats are especially great for professionals who are interested in experiencing a breakthrough! This is where you will experience a shift in your development.

Group Discussion

The CAD-Group coaching offers faith-based solutions to multiple individuals in a weekly group setting. Members attend weekly sessions to reach transformative outcomes in their faith+work integration journey.