New Job and Old Wardrobe

Don't Shop For New Clothes Ladies - Follow These Tips:

Ok ladies, so you've landed a new job and you're a bit anxious about what's to come. You have all sorts of thoughts in your head. What will the culture be in this new work environment? Will I like the team of co-works I'm placed with and will they like me? Not to mention one of the most common thoughts - what should I wear? There's only a handful of exciting and yet nerve-racking experiences we'll have in our lifetime, and starting a new job is one of them.

I think we've all had similar thoughts and it would be so much easier if we could reduce some of this stress, right? Well, how about knowing exactly what you're going to wear and feel confident about it? Here are some all-season, business casual tips to help with your decision and guides along the way...


  • You can never go wrong with a button-down blouse. But what if the blouses you have are filled with prints? Don't fret! You can simply balance the look with solid color pants of any color found in the blouse.

  • Only have sleeveless tops and you need to cover your arms? Just add a blazer, jacket or a cardigan to your look! I've even worn cardigans that weren't quiet my fit, but it wasn't obvious because I kept it open. A cardigan or a blazer adds an effortless touch of sophistication to any look.


  • Let's say you own a pair of pants that are too busy also with prints. Well then reverse the strategy used above and pair it with a solid color blouse of any color found in your pants.


  • Pull that skirt you from the back of your closet and pair it with a matching shirt.

  • Another tip would be to wear a dress and pair it with a blazer or cardigan.


  • It's always best to go with the "less is more" theory here; especially for work. Don't get me wrong, I believe in embracing your personal style. But for business casual looks, accessories shouldn't overpower your look. There should be a sense of balance. If you're wearing have busy prints (top or bottom or both), it's safe to go with smaller and modest accessories.

  • On the other hand, if your outfit has no to very little color (i.e. neutral pallet, black top-to-bottom or white top-to-bottom), then it's safe to have accessories that are eye-catchers. But again, you're always considering a business casual dress code, so no need to overexpress yourself through fashion.

Above all, be yourself and let your work speak for itself. It's always best practice to put your best foot forward, work hard to be of service to others around you and learn as much as you can absorb. You've got this!

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