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– Retreats –

Retreats offered under the CAD brand are branched into two types: Mini and Weekend getaways. Both are joined with the same focus which is to retreat from your daily activities, teach you skills to deepen your relationship with God and see the benefits of your entire experience. This means you can rest assured that both Mini and Weekend retreats are centered around Christ Aimed Development.

Come and explore a fresh new outlook supported by fun activities, an uplifting community of great people, breakthroughs, an elevating experience + so much more! Review the summary of details on how to attend one of these below.

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Friends and Donuts


Get ready for an enjoyable experience you won't forget! Mini-Retreats offered under the CAD brand take place in an event-type setting either during the day or evening. The Mini-Retreats come with fun activities, community-building, a great atmosphere and memories you will cherish for years to come!

Camp Fire at Night
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The Weekend Retreat is a great way to reboot and recenter. This extended experience lays a pathway for you to disconnect from your daily routine, increase your spiritual growth and connect with God on a root level. Look to enjoy fun activities, community building, breakthroughs and healing.

Sitting on a Bench
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