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     CADRE Solutions, LLC is a for-profit consulting agency based in Greater Cincinnati, OH, that specializes in professional development and staffing solutions. The company was established in 2019, founded by Nena Styles to serve individuals and B2B with:

  • Career development and training

  • Assistance as B2B & B2C within a two-sided network

  • Develop businesses and individuals using innovative training and ongoing career solutions

  • Recruit highly qualified personnel for businesses

  • Employ candidates through placement opportunities

CADRE Solutions envelops a two-sided network, one of which is formed to serve the employer's needs to include corporate training for career development, consultancy (based on rendered services), and staffing solutions. The other side focuses on the interest of individuals in pursuit of career development and employment opportunities.

These services are carried in high regard and provided with the company’s Christlike values: Stewardship, Serve, Unity, Evolvement and Gratitude. All services can be found under the Career Services and Employer Services tabs. 

As CADRE Solutions evolves, its mission is to empower people to break down barriers as they pursue fulfilling careers and equip businesses with superior talent.

Additional service details and free consultations are available by submitting your contact info below or email us at info@cadresolutionsllc.comWe'd love to hear from you!


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