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Nena Styles

Professional Development Coach

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CADRE Solutions' Logo

As the founder/CEO of CADRE Solutions, a certified Professional Coach and a Faith-based development strategist, my commitment to my clients stands firm in meeting their expectations.

After being blessed with 20+ years of working for Fortune 500 companies in various directorial roles, professional development became my specialty. 

Later I realized my passion for Customer Service deserved expansion on a larger scale. So after prayer and careful consideration, my desire to start my own company, along with my years of expertise and passion for Christ led me to form CADRE Solutions.

Today, I am honored to share my integrated practice of combining my faith in Christ and knowledge of professional development with professionals looking to fully step into and thrive in their careers!

Nena Styles

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"For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline." – 2 Timothy 1:7

Faith-based Solutions

CADRE Solutions' Commitment

     The commitment CADRE Solutions (Christ-Aimed Development Retreats & Evolutionary Solutions) stands behind encompasses two major factors.

  1. First is the dedication and commitment to abide by the company's Christian values and promise to God to serve clients with excellence.

  2. ​The second factor is the company's passion for great customer service. So, in an effort to ensure these two principles are in practice, delivering exceptional service to our clients is a must.

 Clients can rest assured of receiving measurable results all while accomplishing their professional development goals.

The Mission

As CADRE Solutions sustains its' values and evolves into larger territories on a nationwide and eventually a global scale, its goal is to teach and coach career professionals on how to successfully incorporate faith with work and help businesses create a culture that naturally embraces these principles.

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